Sunday, October 26, 2014

Washing Machine and Rain

I am sitting here in my balcony. Sipping coffee while looking at the rain outside and thinking:

Its raining again! Somehow it has to rain whenever I switch on the washing machine. Is there a link between the machine and the clouds? Well you never know. Maybe it will be the next big news in Scientific American,
Scientists find strong evidence linking washing machine usage and rainfall 
... In a recent study published in the Journal of Scientific Mumbo Jumbo, researchers from University of Blah throw light onto the possible correlation between rainfall and washing machine usage. Based on a study lasting over a decade, researchers have found strong evidence suggesting ...

I know. It sounds crazy. But all I am saying is that you never know.

Or maybe I only remember instances of rain when it causes me inconvenience. Or maybe the coffee has hallucinogenic properties.

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