Saturday, February 02, 2008

VS 2008 Product Suite Comparison

I have been looking in the internet for a comparison of the suite for a long time. It will be great to show them in our Campus Club at the time of Visual Studio 2008 launch. Finally I found an official version from Microsoft only. Here's the link,

Personally I use the Professional Edition for my use. However, the Express Editions are very good for hobby programmers like me. Had I not got a subscription to the MSDN Premium, most probably I would have used it too.

The Team Suite and its cousins seem to be overkills for our small needs. Use them only for professional level stuff. Most of us do not need that sort of extensive features.

I would recommend the Express Editions for all those amongst us, who would like to try and build cool stuff using MS technologies. Its completely free and comes with its own version of MSDN, called the MSDN Express Edition. You can download it here along with the MSDN.

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