Friday, August 22, 2008

Exams have ended (finally)

My B.Tech. Part II examinations have finally ended with all the theory (6 papers) and practical (4 papers) complete. The ordeal started from 1st of July 2008 and ended today 21st August 2008. Spanning for a total of 52 days, it was like the ultimate test of patience for me. It is very hard to concentrate and maintain the same level through such a long time. Overall the examination did not go as well as I was expecting; but it did provide some valuable lessons to me, and in the long run, that is what counts.

Plans for coming weeks

At present I have no plans. I plan to enjoy a few days of rest which I guess I absolutely deserve. I hope the classes would not be starting till the 2nd week of September, so I will be getting something like 2 weeks. I got a new book on "Lex & Yacc" from departmental library, which I will be reading. I have always wanted to learn these powerful tools that aid in writing compilers. I do not intend to write a compiler anytime soon, but I hope the knowledge will be useful in a variety of other ways.

I feel that one should never be idle. Specially applicable to me, after what I went through during the exams. An idle mind is free to think of anything, and in most cases, its totally unproductive. So I intend to involve myself in some sort of mental activity to keep my mind focused.

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