Saturday, March 13, 2010

Equations of words

I came across this blog recently. The author has managed to generate equations of words:

Basically it generates equations which when plotted will generate the word that someone has typed. Unfortunately there is no way to verify it. The equation is by default in image format. On checking the "Raw Text" check-box, one can get the actual equation in text format that can be copy-pasted.  Unfortunately I could not copy-paste it to some plotter to plot it directly. Maybe I will try it out in Matlab someday and post the results here.

Here are some other articles that caught my attention in that blog:
Look up the website. The author is a Math teacher. His ideas seem to be quite interesting. Some of them matched with me quite a lot and created some sort of a resonance and made me like this person. Some other ideas got me thinking. The self-teacher piece is something that I find similarity with a lot. The swapping of signs was an interesting idea, it kind of reflects the consequence of standardization and protocols.

The computer simulation article was like straight out of Matrix trilogy. I have thought about this a lot, and its kind of weird. The mind says its impossible, but logically this could be a possibility. In 2001 Prof. Nick Bostrom published a paper with same title. You could read the paper and look into the website that the Prof has created.

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  1. Thanks to Idrish for pointing out the "raw text" feature in Google Buzz ...

    Edited the post accordingly.


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