Sunday, March 06, 2011

Fountain pen of a left-hander

These days its becoming increasingly rare to see fountain pens. Very few people seem to be still using them on a regular basis. Personally I like the comfort associated with it, but dislike the fact the ink is not waterproof. So one drop of water in the paper, and whatever you have written is gone.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to find out that a PhD student of IISc, Abhijit Khopkar uses a fountain pen, that too on a regular basis. One day for some reason, I borrowed his pen. "Something is wrong" was my first reaction trying to write with it. After some thought, I figured out that the nib of the fountain pen was tilted at an unnatural angle. Finally it dawned on me that Abhijit is a lefty and his writing angle does not match that of mine.

This was something which is quite obvious, but is hard to figure out by itself. Later I tried doing some research on this in internet. Seems this is quite an established fact. However the same is not true for other variety of pens like ball-point, roller, hi-techpoint due to a variety of reasons like the overall symmetry of the nib and the low usage of the nib compared to fountain pens.

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  1. Nice article. There are quite a few waterproof fountain pen inksout thede. Check out some of the Noodler's inks.


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