Saturday, October 01, 2011

Counting unique values in Open Office

The spreadsheet program, Calc (equivalent of MS Excel) in Open Office does not have a function to count the number of unique numbers in a range. Here is a quick hack that I have been using for quite sometime for doing the same:
When using this hack, replace "Data" by the range of values from which you want the number of unique values like "A2:A10". This applies to Libre Office too, which is itself a fork of Open Office.

I would be very happy of Open Office or Libre Office developers took a note of this and implemented a simple COUNTUNIQUE(range) function in some next release.


  1. This is interesting.
    Is there any formula to print number in words inside a cell in OpenOffice or Office?

  2. This is interesting.

    Is there any formula to print number,say 10, in words, like ten, in openoffice or ms-office


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