Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm trying out Ruby

I have always been interested in programming languages. After coding in a plethora of mainstream procedural languages C, C++ and Java, last year I tried my hands on Python. Apart from being an enjoyable experience, learning Python has paid off quite well while building prototypes in my work. This prompted me to try learning some other languages.

While searching for a cool language to try out, I came across the book, "Seven Languages in Seven Weeks" which promises to go beyond the simple tutorials and "introduction to" and introduce some non-trivial aspects of the language. I have started from page 1 and am exploring Ruby. So far the author has kept up his promise.

Ruby has got very friendly constructs and syntactic sugars like:
  • the keyword "until", which is simply a negation of the popular "while"
  • instead of simple "for" loops, constructs like "10.times"
which gives a warm and friendly feeling to the language. Besides the book mentioned above I am using "Programming Ruby 1.9" from the same publishers for a reference.

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  1. Ruby is very vast in its gems. There are almost everything possible like Java. You can explore as much as you want.
    Good Luck!!


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