Sunday, January 19, 2014

Not posting for a year

Will start this post with an apology. Its been more than a year since I last posted. Lots of things have happened since my last post. {got married, moved to a different work team, changed house twice}. The principle reason however is different.

My recent posts have been mostly along lines of "how to do X" where X is some interesting thing which I stumbled upon recently. There is no central them to X. Mostly it revolves around Linux/Unix, Internet and ML; basically my work. With the popularity of Q/A sites like stackoverflow, "how to" kind of posts have been rendered unnecessary. A look at my blog statistics convey the same theme. My original contents like GATE solutions still attract majority of visitors to the blog; mostly from search engines.

Hence, from now onwards I will try to refrain from posting simple how-to questions from my work related fields. But original content is rare. I will continue posting on  topics like:

Anyways, will be posting more regularly now.

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