Friday, September 12, 2008

Microsoft Student Partner Lead

I got this email on Thursday, September 11th from Microsoft stating that I have been made the new Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Lead from Kolkata. I am proud to receive this honour. Along with me, 5 others MSPs also got selected for MSP Leads:

  1. Kaushal Bhavsar (Ahmedabad)

  2. Lakshman Srikant (Bangalore)

  3. Mayur Tendulkar (Pune)

  4. Raveesh Maaya (Bangalore)

  5. Urjit Singh Bhatia (Baroda)

I do not know what is it, that I exactly did to be a MSP Lead, but I will surely try my best to live up to it. Thank you MS Academic India team :)

The other good news in the mail:

  • A new monthly newsletter have been introduced from this month.
  • The credit point system for the MSPs have also been improved with the introduction of new monthly awards.
  • From now on, the MSP selection procedure will have a formal written examination.

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  1. buddy ! ! ! As you have said that the three points which was added last to that mail, the last one "It will have written Examinations" is now a false statement. The Procedures have been relaxed too much in such a way that even a signup will make you a MSP ("quoting MSP Selection Phase II 2009-10")..

    Microsoft Student Partner.


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