Wednesday, March 19, 2008

IE 8 standard support

Currently, the Internet is abundant with articles, posts, debates (and flamings) about the standards support of IE8. The IE8 beta 1 which was released last week added more fuel to the fire. A lot of developers are concerned about it and a flurry of debates is livening up the scene.

Most of the stuff that we usually encounter on this topic can be classified into:

  1. Highly technical : For the set of hardcore developers and geeks only. Most of it does not make sense to outsiders.

  2. Technical : Like the ACID test. I do not know how many people totally understand it (I don't), but the basic idea is easy to grasp with pictures and all (and that is why the popularity).

  3. Hype, Criticism, and Flaming : IE Lovers Vs IE Bashers ... the usual age old battle.

However, today I encountered a totally different type of article which explains the whole standards thing from a different perspective, which apart from making a lot of sense is quite a good read. Very oddly titled Martian Headsets, the article compares the standards thing with a odd example. In spite of the lightweight and funny attitude, the author, Joel Spolsky, manages to explain the thing rather clearly and I got a clear idea of what was the main problem with the IE8.

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