Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some data sheets related to 8085

A couple of days ago I posted an article on Microprocessor Programming on this blog. There I wrote about the Intel 8085 microprocessor and posted a link to its data-sheet. However, later I found some of the other data sheets related to Intel 8085 microprocessor. They consist of mostly those ICs which I had in my curriculum and used in projects. Here are the set of the data sheets that I have. I have uploaded them for you all.

Intel 8085A 8 bit Microprocessor for Military purposes
Intel 8085AH 8 bit HMOS Microprocessor for general usages
Intel 8155 2048 bits Static MOS RAM with IO Ports and Timer
Intel 8255A Programmable Peripheral Interface
Intel 8279 Programmable Keyboard or Display Interface

Looking at the original data sheets help a lot. You get valuable information from them. Remember that a data sheet is the document that is supposed to provide a complete overview of the IC as well as explain its capabilities and structure from the users point of view.

Well, that is all that I could find in my hard disk. Even I am surprised to see them still there. If I find some more helpful stuff, I will post it on this blog only. If you require some other data sheets, just post a comment.

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