Friday, November 09, 2007

Fedora 8 (Werewolf) released

Yesterday (Nov 8th, 2007), Fedora 8 (Werewolf) was released. You can download it via direct mirrors or by BitTorrent. All information about obtaining Fedora 8 can be accessed in the Get Fedora webpage. Fedora 8 like its predecessor Fedora 7 also includes variations of Fedora built from a specific set of software packages called "Spins". Each spin has a combination of software to meet the requirements of a specific kind of end user. The available spins are :
  1. GNOME Live Image
  2. KDE Live Image
  3. Fedora Developer Spin
  4. Fedora Games Spin
  5. Fedora Electronic Lab
Among these the first 2 are official and the rest are developed by special interest groups within Fedora. There are a couple of tentative spins : Art Studio Spin and Xfce Spin. For all sorts of information on Spins, have a look at Custom Spins page. To promote the use of Linux, Fedora also builds Live images, which are CDs or DVDs that allow the user to try out Fedora without any installation. These are safe options for people who would like to switch over to Linux, but would like to have a feel of it before they jump into it. These are also useful in situations where there needs to be a job done with Linux, but installation of a new OS is not preferred; like using these images along with a flash-drive on a external machine. I personally use them for trouble shooting PCs and surfing the internet from an external machine. They literally let you carry your own OS around!! You can get all the information about the Live Images from here. Fedora 8 has a plethora of new features, but I have not been able to get hands on them, so no point discussing them. I am interested about KDE v3.5.8. I had a taste of GNOME v2.20 with Ubuntu 7.10, so it will be great to compare them. The completely free and open source Java environment called IcedTea will also be there. Eclipse v3.3 would also be a new thing to try on. The new kernel based on v2.6.23 will also be something new. Xfce v4.4.1 is also included; I am not a big fan of it, but lately I have seen some interesting things on it. Infinity, the new Fedora look and feel would be an eyeful along with Nokoda, a new GNOME theme meant for Fedora 8. Infinity is said to support wallpapers which change colors based on the time of the day !! I have got the link for direct ISO download of Fedora 8. I will be downloading that along with the developer spin. I wanted the "Everything" spin that they had for Fedora 7, but still there's no sign of it for Fedora 8. The downloads will be done at night 0200 to 0800 as internet is free then. I will give it a try on this weekend and write about the new features.

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