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Microsoft has opened the domain for email accounts. This means that now whenever you try to sign up for a Microsoft Passport Network or Windows Live Id, you will be able to get a "" email now, instead of the old "". I am personally in favour of this decision as
  • "" is obviously smaller than "". So some less typing and smaller things to remember.
  • Getting a suitable name in Hotmail is an impossibility these days as it is one of the oldest email services and all the short names have already been taken. So most often people end up with something like "" which is very long and difficult to remember. One of these days I got frustrated enough with Hotmail to try a set of random characters of length 8. To my surprize even that was taken !!
So people, grab before all the short names are taken. I personally found my first name and am quite happy about it. Microsoft has added one more step towards customization of email and has bought a number of domains for providing emails in those domain names. They can be accessed at Coolhotmail site. You can get customized domain names on the basis of :
  • where you live .... for example ""
  • who you like .... for example ""
  • what you are .... for example ""
  • what you like .... for example ""
  • if you don't fit in the above categories, there's still hope in the "I don't fit" category, with emails like ""
Here is a list of all the domains available that I have compiled. The domain names are mostly ".in" types, but there are some ".com"s and some with "" and a couple of ".mobi" names too. These are supported under Microsoft Passport Network and Windows Live Id too. So you could also grab these cool alternative ones which provide a personal touch to your email address.

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