Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Google Friend Connect

Yesterday, Google added yet another innovative product in their growing list of products. It is called "Friend Connect" that "allows website owners grow traffic by enabling any site on the web to easily provide social features for its visitors". In short, it integrates the Social Networks with any other site. What this will lead to is something that is hard to comprehend. But on the surface, it looks like a tighter integration between people and websites, that is, it will add a social layer on the sites.

Here are the official links :

I am a big admirer of Google and wasted no time in signing up for Friend Connect. Lets see where this leads us to. With the concepts of Web 2.0, the online experience is changing at quite a fast pace and so far for good. This might be the next big thing on Web 2.0.

If you are like me, wishing to sign up to anything new from Google, here is the Friend Connect Sign-Up for Preview Release page. So far the concept seems to be only something novel. But Google has its own way of coming up with cool new features for all its products. I am always in the lookout for that "New Features" link.

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