Wednesday, May 14, 2008

GTalk status bugfix with Winamp v5.5+

I do not know, how many of you have faced this problem, Google Talk's option of showing the current music track as status message simply does not work with Winamp v5.5+. Personally I love both the programs. I have been using Winamp from 2001 and GTalk is where most of my pals are. The main problem involves freezing of the GTalk program when the "Show current music track" is selected in the status drop-down.

Winamp says that it is a GTalk bug and Google does not say anything on it, leading to a lot of confusion as a lot of users seem to be using both of these popular programs. However I have found this cool workaround for this bug from a friend of mine:

  1. Close both GTalk and Winamp.

  2. Go to Winamp's program folder ... it is usually in C:\Program Files\Winamp, unless you have installed it elsewhere.

  3. Create a winamp.m3u file there. Just a blank file.

  4. Start Winamp, then GTalk

  5. Try out the "Show current music track" option

It works well. So no more of tracking down old versions of Winamp and switching back to it. This is a rather neat workaround, thanks to my friend Tania.


  1. Wow! This trick worked..thanks a mil! I was having this problem alot..thank u once again

  2. Hey thanks a looooooooot. I was planning to uninstall this winamp and install the old one.. But you saved all the effort!!!

  3. dude, thanks so much!!! the workaround totally works!! :)

  4. Thanks mate! Google directed me to your blog, and what a help it was! Now I'm gonna waste some more time reading your entire blog.


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