Friday, May 16, 2008

Rapidshare adds cats to Captcha

Rapidshare, one of the most popular file sharing services in Internet has updated their Captcha system. If you are a free user, you need to enter those four letters which have this picture of cat in it :


A sample captcha looks like :


Rapidshare captcha is one of the most attacked captcha systems of the web. Thus the system is updated every few days. This novel addition does make the captcha system harder to break, but it also makes it very difficult for actual human beings. I hope in their zeal for making an uncrackable captcha, Rapidshare has forgotten the fact that it should be easy understood by users too.

As a long time user of Rapidshare I hope that they change this system with something more easily recognizable by humans. Failing to do that might result in their losing valuable traffic as there is no point uploading files, when most of the users will have a hard time to download it.


In case you are wondering, what are those four letters in the above picture, the answer is that I do not know !! I tried downloading a 35 MB file from their server and had to wait around 2 minutes for each try. I tried around 5 times with different captchas each time and finally gave up. Of course if this happens for another week or so, I am sure we will see users steering clear of Rapidshare.

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