Saturday, May 10, 2008

.NET Hands-On lab, 9th May 2008

Yesterday, I conducted a .NET Hands-On lab session in the Rajabazar Campus of University of Calcutta. Students from B.Tech. year 1, attended the session. Here are some of the pictures :

The session started at 1430 with an introduction to C#, followed by Hands-on session on Visual C# 2005 Express Edition. Starting from a basic Hello World application, we moved on to DateTime and TimeSpan classes and their usages. Basic IO operations were demonstrated, laying the groundwork for further sessions.

The session was quite a success, with almost all the student of B.Tech. I attending it. Unlike my last session, this session seemed to be very interactive. Lots of question were asked, and I tried my best to answer them. Its very encouraging to see, such a high level of participation from this group.

As I promised in the session, all the materials have been made available online. Please go to, and download the materials. Please note that the site requires you to log-in. So use the password that I provided you last day.

Thanks to everyone who attended this session and made it a success. Please put in some feedbacks of the session and any suggestions of improvement.

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